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We’re not just passionate about fighting suicide,

We are Survivors!

To know that there are others who have overcome suicidality or losing a loved one from suicide is more than just a story, it is hope; hope that they too can overcome.

We don’t just want to make a difference, we want to make a change so others don’t need to endure hopelessly what we have.

Learn how you can bring hope to others.

We Are Stress & Grief Relief Inc.

A non-profit 501c(3) dedicated to normalizing professional and spiritual intervention to fight against suicide.

In order to overcome suicide or the effects of losing someone to suicide, we don’t just need medical help, we need a purpose for living & a hope for the future that transcends death.

Our efforts and resources are completely invested in making this the standard when helping others.

Help us make a change today!

How We Save Lives

In 1999, in order to better get these and other vital messages out to more hurting, grieving, depressed and suicidal people, Dr. Joyce founded Stress and Grief Relief, Inc., a life-saving, life-changing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to giving hope to the hopeless.

The mission of Stress and Grief Relief is to prevent suicide and its causes, including traumatic stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and grief, with a special focus on veterans, church groups, and troubled youth.

After working for years with a number of different school systems, churches, detention centers, and juvenile halls across Las Vegas, Utah, and Southern California, as well as managing the international suicide prevention hotline, Dr. Joyce is now working to bring her proven experience reducing traumatic stress, anxiety and anger, as well as decades of experience preventing suicide, to those areas where stress, anger, depression, and suicide are now skyrocketing.

Known on television as “The Hope Doctor,” Dr. Joyce Brown is recognized as a Diplomate by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress®. She is the Founder and President of Stress and Grief Relief, Inc., a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to fighting stress, anger, and depression, giving hope to survivors, and preventing suicide. She has authored many books, including the bestseller, God’s Heavenly Answers; and her most recent book, Near Death Survivor Conquers ALS, Depression, Grief, Suicide and More: A Book of Hope.

How can you bring hope to others?


Make a direct impact through donations!

We are completely donor funded. As such, we work closely with our friends in order to help provide resources & opportunities for those suffering from the impacts of suicidality.

This is the most direct way you can make a difference today as it gives immediate support for those projects we are working diligently to grow & develop. These projects include training response counselors, organizing support programs in communities and institutions, and providing long-term help to those overcome crisis situations.

Choose an option below to make a donation.

Cup of Hope


Whether it’s coffe or water, we all start our day off with a cup of something to help kick start the goodness to come. 5 USD does exactly that for so many others.

Sponsor an Individual

10 USD

With 10 USD you can help provide books and other resources to an individual seeking for hope.

Sponsor a Group

100 USD

Groups are a way for survivors to connect & make a difference in their community. With 100 USD you can help provide resources including meeting houses & discussion materials.

From the Heart

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